Sunday, October 30, 2016

All Set

I've decided—at least for now—on projects for the depth of winter when the light disappears way too early and the cold tries to sneak under doors and around windows. I'll edit, rewrite, hone my parsha poems and assemble them into a chapbook. And if I'm at all pleased with the result then the mss will be posted to the mailboxes of small press publishers.

Then I'll assemble the poems I've written over the past five years—a triage—keep, maybe, and dreadful.

As for art— I've signed on to a Bible Art Journaling online course. The instructor lives in England—thus far people from Canada, England,Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, several islands in the Pacific, and ,of course, the states have joined. At this point the states south of the Mason Dixon line seem to dominate—with Texas being a serious contender for the top prize. There are two hundred people signed up—mostly females. Molly the fishmonger does identify as someone living in a small coastal town in Maine. Another woman comes from Connecticut. Thus far I am carrying the banner for the brave state of Massachusetts.

I started my read through the Bible in one year with a NKJV Bible on Kindle. Each day you read a portion of Genesis and continue on and on, Matthew and on and on, part of a psalm, and some proverbs.

Someone I know suggested reading a Chronological Bible. I've never read a Chronological Bible and can't imagine that it would feel comfortable, but I expect you can adjust to anything.

Then, of course, I anticipate finding another art course—either in real time or online.

As for books—no challenges this year—just muddle along with the shelf full of "never quite got to this book" and the ones that strike my fancy. Right now I'm reading The Source by James Michener—close to 1000 pages —and since my used copy of The Sparrow arrived on Friday--I am anxious to begin reading that novel. Then, of course, there's poetry and essays.

By the time spring comes I'll either have been quite productive or someone who grew tired of too much productivity and preferred reclining and assuming the title of drop-out. Either way I'm set.


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