Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Rainy Day

libraries invite the curious, those doing research on arcane topics, those who stand in front of the new books and wonder if they have the stamina to finish that behemoth of a book in two weeks, and those who find solace and companionship in the library-- and those who browse and then leave with a tote bag filled with books

libraries make room for those who find solace and small conversations in the midst of a day

today i was upstairs in our local library reading and taking notes   my car was unavailable until much later so i settled into a soft comfortable chair    four brown chairs faced a round table covered with sections of the times, the globe, and the local newspaper

a woman sat opposite me and read magazines, or rather flipped through them    a man sat down to my right , " nice day to read inside" -- he skimmed the local paper and remarked, " fine football team we got   kids have heart and they might win it all"    a man sat down and picked up the boston globe, looked my way, and said "it's really raining."

the research librarian set up an intricate 750 piece puzzle on a large table   two women hung over the puzzle     one created a frame while the other fashioned  finished sections    neither spoke nor looked at one another

i sat reading and watching the two women      parallel, enclosed in a self constructed space

one woman stood up and collected her bag and book and left

later i spotted the woman who created the puzzle frame    she sat in a straight back chair surrounded by shelves of dvds   a book stayed open on the table    she stared straight ahead     the words on the page didn't hold her attention


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