Monday, September 05, 2016

Parsha Re' eh

        ...thou shall open thine hand
         wide unto thy brother, to thy
         poor, and to the needy, in thy land.
                 Deuteronomy 16:11

that means a wage that puts food
on the table, a place to live that's
clean and warm and safe
that means a bed and food for those
who have nothing but a cardboard sign
and help for those who can work
and a place for those who can't work,
who lost their way and sleep on city
streets and carry all they own in bags,
that means having medical care
and a mouthful of teeth instead of gaps
that means providing training and education
that means warm coats and decent food
that means looking at the haves and asking
hard questions about how much is too much
that means looking to your right, to your left,
in front, behind you, and knowing that
we're all brothers and sisters
and the Lord is saying stand up for family


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