Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Parsha Ki Tetzei

The Rabbis See a Connection: Teshuvah

      You shall not watch your neighbor's ox
      or sheep straying away and ignore them;
      you shall take them back to the owner. shall do the same with anything
      else that your neighbor loses and you find
                      Deuteronomy 22:1, 4

if you find something
seek the owner
and return what's not yours
if you need to say you're sorry
to someone, if you need to
ask for forgiveness, if you
took what wasn't yours--
then return the relationship
from a rocky shoal to a smooth
place, give back what was taken--
search for the one you discounted,
the one you gossiped about, seek
out the person you ignored, the person
you defamed, or the person you ignored--
return what was taken


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