Thursday, September 15, 2016

Happy Birthday

what do you like
do you prefer the beach
or maybe a lake
do you climb mountains,cycle,
or are you a runner
do you have a favorite color,
a movie, a song, perhaps a poem
i like mixed berry scones, frozen
yogurt, and fresh corn picked that day,
lobsters straight from the ocean,
apples from orchards nearby,
i still write every day-- but no longer
on a typewriter with a rotating ball

imagine me sitting at my desk
facing the window, i'm in the room
i called the Virginia Wolff room,
i'm writing a birthday poem
to go with a gift i knew you wanted
i no longer know you, but still
wish you a happy birthday
i celebrated with a scone
and dinner out
i hope you celebrated with friends,
laughter, and many wishes
happy birthday
i love you


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Totally lovely.


September 16, 2016  

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