Monday, August 22, 2016

When Why Isn't Important

          Attention without feeling, I began to learn,
          is only a report. An openness--an empathy--
          was necessary if the attention was to matter.
                  Mary Oliver

She walks around town wearing heavy hiking boots, an Extreme Condition sun hat that covers her neck, and hiking shorts. A  heavy backpack completes her outfit. At one time I wondered if all this walking was in preparation for a serious trek, but now I think she dons the attire without a long term goal. Yet, her expression belies that.

This is a meaningful walk. I may not be privy to why the attire or the meaning behind the four season trek on the sidewalks of town. Is it relevant for me to pigeon hole this walker into a category? To question the why?  It's a day on the cusp of Autumn and walking at a good clip is a way to welcome each day.


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