Friday, August 19, 2016

The Bucket List

Recently a friend mentioned that she was able to cross something off her bucket list. Now I've never created a bucket list, but perhaps I need to do so. There must be rules, things that should and should not be added. Why put something on that has no chance?  Then again, why aim so low. With this in mind-- the golden mean. I need to create a list.

Writing a book-- not a cozy
Writing ten aphorisms
Putting together a poetry book

Actually forget that list and just add one item-- writing one dynamic sentence.
Forget that item.

Pizza from the Lombardi Pizzeria-- considered to be the best pizza in the country
Real New York Egg Cream
A bag of hot chestnuts
A bag of penny candy I select
A seat in the fifth row at the Met
Hiking the Appalachian Trail--
In lieu of the above reading about hiking the Appalachian Trail

Put back the item about putting together a poetry book, sending it out, and having a publisher accept it-- ( not self-publishing)

Put back the item about writing a book, but make it short stories

Forget all the items on a bucket list. It's not my gig.


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