Thursday, August 18, 2016


It's too late to start training for an Olympic berth in 2020. And I'm not certain about my sport.I swim-- but only sidestroke. That's not accurate. I can " free style" swim, but don't like to take breaths because I might swallow water. Diving is out of the question- I hold my nose closed with two fingers lest I inhale water. The picture is not regal.

Running? I did jog-- not fast, just a relaxed pace and I often stopped to take photos. How can you pass up a face in a tree or a large bird eyeing a hummingbird feeder?

Beach volleyball? I'm too short and I don't like sand between my toes.

What I do best is follow and root. I stood with the gymnasts on the balance beam, tumbled on the floor exercises, learned the lingo. Found myself saying, " She didn't  stick it." -- or perfect landing.

I watch the Olympics in awe.


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