Sunday, August 28, 2016

On the Way to Maine

I guided my car as close as possible to the toll booth. Even with that I hung half out of the car to reach an attendant. This morning when I stretched my body across the abyss that separated us she said, " Your toll was paid by the nice woman in the car in front of you."  We both smiled and I said, " Use my money to pay the toll for the car behind me."

At the next toll booth the cost was $3.00. Again I coasted my car as close to the booth as possible and held out  three dollars. "Your toll," said the attendant, " was paid by a nice woman." My grin spread from ear to ear. " This is the second time today, " I said, " let's pass it back to the person behind me."

Unexpected. A delightful surprise. And twice in one day.


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