Saturday, July 09, 2016

This Week

not enough tears
nor enough sighs, nor enough
saying we need to do better
if we don't look in the mirror
and count the times we didn't
speak up, the times we walked
away, the times we let things
go, or thought that liberal words
and church prayers and reading
books about oppression, or signing
petitions was enough, well it isn't
enough as long as we close our
doors, live comfortably, enjoy
what we see advertised, eat and dine
where we want on what we want,
graduate from good schools with
up to date books, keep our children
occupied with music classes, athletic
camps, dance, art, and whatever else
they want, send them out to play
without thinking they may not come home
We need to do more than listen
to the television and wonder why
black folks get killed for not looking
like white folks and shake our heads
when some folks just go shooting
at the police--we need to do more
This is our problem, our failure
and we can't wait until the furor
burns itself out and go on as usual
Prayer always needs feet..


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