Saturday, July 02, 2016

Packing, Unpacking, and Packing Again

Why is it that when packing to return home the space in the car shrinks? Nothing fits compactly and bags of dirty wash take up too much space. The golf bags refuse to accept their allotted  space. And the pillows will never squash down enough to allow the driver to see beyond a cooler and a large bag of encapsulated goose down feathers.

Once again I remind myself of all the superfluous items I packed, didn't use, and will take back home. Unfortunately my resolve melts when packing.

As I look around the room I'm discouraged. Too many uncategorized items hang about. Where will they go? I have a twenty-five year old rucksack. I'll fill it with all the odds and ends. Is it worth taking home all those pamphlets I've collected?

On the positive side. I will not be taking home two books I read. I'll leave them here. One a well written espionage book by Allen Furst, the other an absurd mystery by Preston & Childs. The mystery requires nothing save the capacity to turn the pages. It is a perfect rock sitting book. Every summer I read one in their series. Everyone needs a goal. Someday I shall complete the series. The question lingers-- is that an accomplishment?

Now I must shower, dry the plastic shower cap, dry the shower flip tops, and add more items to the dirty wash. And yes it's all worth it.


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