Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Hot and Humid

When the heat creeps up on you and you think that your knees will buckle if you stand for another minute, when it takes hours for you to rejuvenate, when you select a long narrative driven book, when you pine for a cool spot in the shade, when all you think about is an ice decaf, when you want to run under the sprinkler until drenched, perhaps you're getting older.

I remember hiking in 94 degree temperature-- my mantra, " I love to feel the sweat trickling down my back." I remember when I only read esoteric books during the summer. I recall sitting outside a coffee house on ninety-five degree days and writing. I recall thinking it a badge of honor to rarely turn on the air conditioner.

Perhaps I'm getting soft. Perhaps I'm a victim of climate change. Perhaps I'm admitting vulnerability in the face of hot and humid days.                                    


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