Saturday, July 23, 2016


The author, Robert Benson, in his book about writing, quoted from Doris Grumbach's book Fifty Days of Solitude.

I went to the library and borrowed Grumbach's book--not because I imagined myself spending days in solitude, but because I loved her book The Ladies-a lesbian tale of a long term relationship.

Years ago I copied down this line from the book, "We'll live together as married persons do. We'll live and love as they do. Love has no sex, my dearest...You belong to me, I am yours."

In the mid- eighties we visited Wayward Books, a bookstore her partner Sybil Pike opened up in Sargentville, Maine.  Sybil  busy with a customer who lived in Maine and collected semi-rare books, informed us that Doris was away.

Odd about connections. Memories unlocked. New paths.


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