Saturday, July 16, 2016

At 8:32

Our internet remained mute. Not responsive. On vacation, away. Not on.

A Comcast representative said, "We're experiencing some difficulty in your area. You'll have service at 8:32." I do like certainty, specifics, and blessed assurance.

What was missed? Checking out Facebook and finding out that ten people shared articles, an equal number posted photographs taken on vacation, a few posted photos of children or grandchildren doing adorable things . Let me not forget the posted recipes. And then there are the artful photos, sketches from my online group,and complaints about the heat, global warming, and the lack of water.

I was blissfully unaware of any horrendous events, politics, opinion pieces, negativity, and long term weather forecasts.

I didn't break out into a feverish sweat, feel disconnected, or pine for the clutter of Facebook, of Instagram, of What's App. It will all come back at 8:32-- along with its distractions and time eaters. It will come unannounced and demand my time--


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