Monday, June 06, 2016


I wanted a pizza. Had a yen for pizza. We ordered a small pizza with three toppings from Papa Gino, but didn't feel like picking it up.

"That will be between thirty-five and forty minutes for delivery."

The timing suited us. I cut up fixings for a salad which we ate before the arrival of the pizza.
After fifty minutes I called Papa Gino.

" Our regular delivery guy is sick and this fellow comes from Westboro. He's unfamiliar with the streets here. But he'll be there in seven to ten minutes."

Twenty minutes later the pizza still hadn't been delivered.

We called again.

" I'm really sorry for the delay. I'd deliver the pizza myself, but we're short people. Listen I'll void the charges for the pizza and give you a coupon for a free pizza."

We put two eggs in a pot and will have egg salad. I'm envisioning some poor soul wandering around with four cold pizzas. Three other households are waiting for their delivery. I guess the folks who deliver aren't using any GPS-- maybe homing pigeons.

The porch light is on. I'll turn it off at 9:00pm.


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