Saturday, June 18, 2016

Vigil for Those Killed in Orlando

               Addressed to my church

where were you
when you had a chance
to stand together
and mourn the loss of forty-nine

each year you celebrate
 you read words in unison
 welcoming all to your table,
 to your church, as if we
need to hear those words
 again and again

Words need shoes

but where were you
when you had a chance
to stand with other faith
communities to mourn
the loss of forty-nine

I looked around
expecting to see you,
a hand full, some, a few
I saw two

where were you
when seventy gathered
you didn't hear the prayers,
the words, you didn't hear
a gay minister speak of his
experiences as a gay man, you didn't
listen and then pray with a Muslim Cleric,
you didn't hear a minister from your
church offer a prayer, you didn't hear three
parishioners from a  local church
read the names and a few words
about each of the forty-nine killed by hate

You didn't get a chance to turn
and introduce yourself to the people
to your left, to your right, you didn't
hear us all sing Let There Be Peace on Earth

where were you
I am disappointed
I am sad
I am angry


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