Sunday, June 26, 2016

On Eating a Lobstah

Eating a lobster isn't for the squeamish, the uninitiated, or those who think that the lobster suffers during the cooking process. In the early acquaintance between diner and lobster, mistakes are bound to happen. Who knew how to get the meat out of the legs, or how to wrest the knuckles away from the body, or how to get every sweet piece of meat from the body? Those are skills learned and refined with every lobster.

I admit to not eating the eggs, nor the tomalley-- although lobster aficionados say they are a delicacy. My mother loved lobsters and would get lost in a private world while prying apart the body from its shell to get to the hidden lobster meat. Because she rarely ate lobsters my early education was lacking in the how to of lobster eating.

Only as an adult did I share her passion. Each lobster escapade finds me more daring--more adept at extracting the hidden meat.

I can hear my mother, " Dig around. There's more meat under the knuckles."


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