Thursday, June 30, 2016

Local Maine Newspaper

a couple building a new house  put soil over a gravel road--previously used to gain access to an old cemetery-- they are growing grass and now the town insists -- restore the gravel--there's even a Civil War vet interred in that ground

earlier in the day a baby chick was found wandering on a road, after a visit to a vet and consultation with a wildlife group the loon family is united

 there's a warning for a particular beach-" stay away from the giant hogweed" which can cause skin inflammation and even blindness

a man fell into his well

data is being collected about eelgrasses because they are disappearing-- perhaps it's those invasive green crabs

the library and the Seal Cove Auto Museum are looking " for someone to write a murder mystery set in the museum"

a female lobster bears 6,000-100,000 eggs, the largest lobster ever caught weighed " 44 pounds"-- but divers say they have seen bigger lobsters


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