Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Let's not gloss over the target of the Orlando attack. Let's not let the LGBTQ massacre get subsumed by our focus on gun control and lone wolf home grown terrorists. Yes, we desperately need to do something about gun control, about the ease of obtaining weapons capable of rapidly killing scores of people. Yes, we need to address why some Americans are attracted to the message of groups like Isis.

But we need to grieve the loss of all the lives lost-- gay and lesbian and transgender individuals. If you have the stomach read some of the rhetoric on social media aimed at the LGBTQ community. One Baptist minister's  sermon from the pulpit was removed from the internet because it was deemed hate speech.

Too many voices demonize the LGBTQ community.

 Last night I listened to the reading of each name and a short two or three sentence blurb about the person whose life was cut short by violence. I cried for the loss, for their terror, for the families who can't put their arms around a child and say I love you. How many of these young people were not out to their family? How many parents will never get the chance to say I love you- the person you are.

Story after story of good friends, of lovers, of soul mates, of two who were to be married, but now will share a funeral. Stop and grieve for each life. Stop and grieve for a country where too many people see LGBTQ lives as less than.

Today I heard someone say, " I am afraid."

Grieve for forty- nine lives-- LGBTQ lives. And let's not forget this community was targeted, picked because of who they were.


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