Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Time time time

Time Wasters

The email sites that you sign up to follow because you enjoyed one or two articles and then felt bombarded with information you didn't want or need.

Being flattered by offers for magazines that are so inexpensive that it is impossible to say no. National Geographic for twelve dollars-- and that includes a tote bag. Smithsonian Magazine for ten dollars and that includes a subscription for a friend. A year long monthly New York Review of Books for ten dollars --and because I sent my money in quickly--two additional issues for free. They also sent an ersatz moleskin notebook with their logo.

Free online art demos that arrive with regularity. Just as I've finished doing four views of a vase, I receive a demo for creating a realistic strawberry. Then a preview of an online art class that purports to teach me how to incorporate text into my pieces.

And what about the plethora of videos on how to do anything, solve any issue, listen to anything. I can hear twenty sides of an issue or bask in the sound of oom as I meditate.

Checking Facebook to see if anyone liked the drawing you put up. Putting a photo on Instagram and looking at photos from your friends. Calling people friends who you haven't seen in years.

Checking your email too often. Deleting unwanted, unsolicited, and annoying emails. Unsubscribing to the sites you thought you couldn't do without and finding out that you could do without.

Taking out too many books and realizing that you can't possibly read all of them in a two week period. Downloading too many samples on your Kindle.

Stop. Stop.


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