Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Quest

A friend posted a video of a roller coaster ride billed as the highest, fastest, and I'm certain prayer inducing ride. I worked with someone who loved to find hair raising roller coaster rides.

I can imagine traveling to each state and finding the best they have to offer and-- just like a dedicated  birder--keeping a life record. It's akin to bagging mountains.

Should everyone have a list of items that they are seeking? A scavenger hunt. A friend collected salsa recipes even though she rarely cooked. It's the quest.

Perhaps that's an item for a bucket list-- engage in a quest. Now I need to decide on what quest. Once I attempted to find and read all the books on The Haycraft-Queen Definitive Library of Detective,Crime, and Mystery Fiction "A Reader's List of Detective Story Cornerstones". The list begins in 1748 and ends in 1948. From Voltaire to Faulkner.

I, along with a friend, spent hours in used book stores digging through boxes of books. She was also following the same quest. This made for some unsettling moments when we both reached for the same book.

When I moved to the Boston area I bequeathed my collection to Andy who ran a used book store. His books were either on sway backed shelves or in piles on the floor. He gave me a button for my button collection-- which I dismantled and gave away when I pricked myself with a rusty pin. At that point I decided  that collecting old buttons might be a dangerous endeavor.

In recent years I've found that I'm listing toward an eclectic mindset. Yet, there's something about a dedicated pursuit.


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