Thursday, May 26, 2016

Notes on a Hot Day

Shopping for clothes tires me out. I don't enjoy trying on clothes, but view it as a necessity. And if I find something I like-- why not buy three the same-- different colors.

Roaming around a garden center and nursery with their wide variety of plants and little stickers with tongue twisting names is difficult. All the other people, the ones pushing carts laden with plants, know zones and growth patterns.  How do I know what grows where? I've always been a hosta person-- simple names and a hardy disposition. Once I went with a gardening friend to a place that only sold hostas. I liked it there. You could get this hosta or that hosta.

I do like ground covers. Once I planted a ground cover too close to its mate and even after replanting pieces of it in a variety of empty places it began to take over. It climbed, it burrowed, it was malevolent.

When it gets hot I need to remind myself that I yearn for heat in February.


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