Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Best

The local luncheonette served ice cream
and egg creams at a counter,
while breakfast and lunch patrons ate
iconic food at mock leather booths.
My favorite-- B.L.T. on white bread over lightly,
served by a waitress whose red nails
clacked on the plate rim

The  candy store, that emporium of delight,
made the best egg creams, stored long salty
pretzels in a jar, sold  Breyer's Dixie cups,
and penny candy. I loved wax lips, smoked
candy cigarettes, savored dots, and
stuffed myself on Jujubes. I chewed
wads of  Bazooka bubble gum hoping to
blow a bubble big enough to
win a bubble blowing contest.

Prompt: favorite place to dine



Blogger nan said...

You have painted the picture of your memory so well. I can practically taste the egg creams. Such a simple, wonderful, magical elixir . . . seltzer, milk, chocolate syrup. Thanks for bringing back my own memories of the sweets of the past.

April 30, 2016  

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