Tuesday, April 05, 2016

A Snapshot

life, i think, is layer upon layer of snapshots--
we sat in a movie theatre, close enough
to see the creases in the screen, and watched a film
set in the forties when women wore ruby red lipstick
and painted their nails a deep Crimson color, when
women wore skirts and men doffed their hats--
we watched a mainstream movie, a sensual
story of love between two women-- one married
and the other younger, inexperienced
and snapshots appeared of a time when i knew
what it was to be married and finding that the skin
didn't fit, when clandestine meetings were part of life,
when we read books about those types of love,
"women who defied society", women who
wouldn't conform, who wore short hair, who dared

Prompt: write an experience film


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