Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Shopping for a Shed

We went shopping for a shed and found just the right salesman. Every time we appeared to be veering toward a particular shed he smiled and said, "You know Plastic gets mold." 
 "How about Power washing?" 
" It's thin vinyl and if the kid up the street used his father's power washer and put the wrong nozzle on--a hole in the vinyl is a possibility ."
"And, " he added, " unless the place you put the shed is absolutely flat the pieces fight each other. They want to pull apart."
" And you have to put it together. It comes in a number of pieces."
He took us to a place where they store some of the sheds. Pointing skyward he remarked, "Those two boxes, each weighing three hundred pounds, are delivered to your house and left curbside which usually means in your driveway. " 
I envisioned the boxes boxing in our car.
Then we looked at a more costly shed that was delivered and put together by the experts who worked for the company.
"These sheds," he intoned, " need to be painted every two years or your warranty is voided. And the company doesn't get a permit for the shed. If you live in a town that requires a permit and you don't get one then someday the town inspector is driving around and spots the shed. He says I didn't give permission for that shed and you have to take it down. "
"And another thing you need to get the snow off the roof."
"Think about all those things. Don't make a rash decision."
We thanked him for his help and went to take a look at standing lamps. Halfway to that aisle he came over-- half running. 
"I went to the company website to see how long it would take to put together the shed. There's a fifty-six page book of instructions with English, Spanish and French on the same page. They also suggest two people are needed. "
Again we thanked him. By the time we walked to our car we had decided that we really didn't need a shed. Additional hooks on the garage walls could easily hold rakes and shovels. And I thought we could reorganize the shelves... And who wanted a lawn mower when you could hire someone to now the lawn. 

I'm glad we didn't ask him about a grill.


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