Sunday, March 27, 2016


Easter and Parsha Tzav

what better word than hallelujah sung with gusto what better day than one that begins with a celebration what better way to be part of community than talking in the church parlor about which delectable sweet sugary confection to eat what better way to celebrate than eating a falafel pita overstuffed with vegetables and saying hello to someone you knew only slightly who stops at your table and agrees that these falafels are the best in Boston what better way to enjoy the art in a store than by talking to a stranger about the hamsa she is looking at and knowing that is the one you want and then being delighted that she loves the piece and buys it what better way to enjoy dessert than by stopping for an ice cream what better way to delight in your day than painting an aleph as the first in a series of three for an art course what better way to end the day by reading the parsha Tzav and knowing that Ha Shem was commanding that a perpetual fire was to be on the altar what better way to take the fire as a metaphor for keeping the flame, the ardor for God in our hearts day and night what better way to remember to give thanks for the blessing of the day

what better day than that it was shared with someone you love


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