Sunday, March 13, 2016

Day 33. Lent


I attended a meeting this morning and heard a committee of five, or was it six, report their progress on a plan to restructure a space and redo an entrance. The entrance they described was spacious, accessible, elegant. It was the Cadillac version and it came with a high price tag. They spoke of raising money. Most people in the audience thought the plan looked fine-- better than fine. It is an entrance that speaks its mind, makes a good appearance, shows itself as distinguished and well appointed. I thought of the expenditure and wished that there was option one and option two and three.

It's intriguing how things come together and illuminate thoughts. Two hours after the meeting I walked into a Cambridge bookstore, contemplated buying one of the delectable scones sold at their cafe-- but held off. Both inside the bookstore and at sidewalk tables and benches crowds of people took advantage of the warm weather. Outside laptop computers, books, newspapers, cups of coffee or tea, and food covered the tables. The people seated on benches balanced books and drinks--with a practiced air.

On the way back to my car I watched a man bend down and dig a partially smoked cigarette out of a crack in the sidewalk. He wiped the dirt off the cigarette and placed it in the pocket of his  coat.

And then the disconnect-- an expensive entrance and a cigarette on the street.


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