Friday, March 18, 2016

Day 38. Lent

 Please Come In

remember, I'd say. no that's not a way to begin a conversation with someone you haven't seen in years. hello, you look great. banal beginning. try to be normal. but what is normal. is there a how to book on how to reconnect with someone after years apart. perhaps there's a dummy book out, one that maps out scenarios. come in. welcome. do you want tea or coffee, maybe a glass of water. so what have you been doing these past three decades. are there topics we should discuss. are there subjects best left unsaid. yes, I do look older, but not as old as some. should I say you look older--too. do you remember hiking up lookout mountain in North Carolina. no. perhaps you recall climbing at Cumberland Falls. no. Gambrel State Park. no. you were young. no, i don't recall that, nor that, nor that. yes, we remember differently. do you enjoy reading. what books. sorry I never heard of that book. i remember how good you were with puzzles. you don't like puzzles anymore. i see. tell me about yourself.

let's start over. may I introduce myself. please forgive my manners.


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