Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Day 22. --Lent

Just Mouth the Words

who will I forgive today perhaps the sixth grade french teacher who made me stand up and keep pronouncing the french vowel sounds over and over and no matter how many times she corrected me I didn't hear the difference between her pronunciation and mine but the music teacher at p.s. 70 knew immediately when she auditioned the entire fifth grade class that I, along with a number of my classmates, were unable to correctly sing the national anthem and we were deemed tone deaf and assigned to two rows in the back of the auditorium and told that we were not to sing but to lip synch the words although I doubt if the term lip synch was correct so I spent years never singing so that my voice was audible and I really wanted to sing the folk songs the music teacher introduced so I sang them at home where no one asked me to sing silently


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