Monday, March 28, 2016

ABC and on...

It's time to settle down and find out why only one light in the overhead light in one room goes on quickly. The second light gropes for light until it finally--sometimes twenty minutes later- goes on.

And that's the way with finishing things that you started with good intentions and then became sluggish and never finished.

Several months ago I decided to set up some perimeters to one of my reading pursuits. I'd forage for a book on the library shelves and select it after reading the first paragraph. The author was someone I'd never read and my selections started with an author whose last name began with A. 

Ten years ago I played the same game, but then I only chose mysteries.

Life got in the way this time  and I found myself mired in books written by authors who refused to follow my order. 

My decision to write a poem about forgiveness each day of Lent ran out of steam. It isn't as if there weren't anymore people to forgive, but I knew a stretch when I made a note to forgive Attila the Hun.

I have thirty-six more gesture drawings to finish by Friday to fulfill an assignment for an online art class. 

And I read about people counting the Omer. I know nothing about the Omer save that observant Jews count the days from Passover to the day that God gave the Torah to the people. That's forty days of reflections. 

So many possibilities-- but now about the light.


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