Thursday, January 28, 2016

Day 28. thirty Day Challenge


If you wait long enough everything repeats itself-- or a version of the past. I've been listening to the Serial podcasts while I walk on the treadmill. Yes, I know that this is long-form story telling and it is based on a true ongoing story.

The producers and the reviewers point out the episodic qualities, a full season devoted to one true story and the large audience that waits each week for the next episode.  They are hooked. I am hooked.

Forgive me if I point out some similarities with the radio shows I listened to when I was a youngster. Both the now and the then stories relied on paying attention to a story without any visual clues. I was glued to my radio to hear the story-- rapt attention and nary a blink of the eye. Yes, they were not true stories, but they captivated their listeners. You conjured up the setting from the clues. I created pictures of the characters in my mind.

Is it that the gizmos and tech toys can't meet all our needs.? It's a relief to find out that so many people were mesmerized by a story told without pyrotechnics.

Years ago I waited to hear Tonto say  kemosabe when he spoke to the Lone Ranger. Now I wait to go on the treadmill and listen to the next episode.



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