Monday, January 25, 2016

Day 25 Thirty-Day Challenge

It Isn't Your Grandmother's Food

If you wait long enough some things you thought were good to eat become suspect. Every week another item makes the list of yes or no. And some items become cult foods-- kale. Kale has attained King of the Hill status shoving broccoli one step lower.

Once upon a time I saved whatever part of the onion I had left after making a salad, but then I read that saved cut onions are a source of food poisoning. So now I've been purchasing the smallest onion. I pass by those large sweet onions with a longing and yearning.

Chickens are suspect. What about their eggs? How is my fish caught? Poles? Is my tuna can BPA free

Now I'm drinking Almond Milk. I felt good about that until I read that it needed to be Organic Almond Milk. On and on.

Don't eat wheat? Rice is suspect because of arsenic. Ah-- what have we done with our food supply?


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