Saturday, January 16, 2016

Day 16 Thirty-Day Challenge

Parsha  Bo

          You shall tell your child on that day,
          'It is because of what the Lord did for me
          when I came out of Egypt.'
                           -- Genesis 13:8

Remember this Story

 waters turned to blood
frogs swarmed the country
bugs crawled over the land
covering everything in their path
wild animals went on a rampage
a pestilence struck down cattle and wild horses
an agony of boils infected people and animals
a hail storm descended with ferocious winds and
 lightning split the sky apart and danced
on the earth like a fire gone amok
locusts, so plentiful that they denied the sun
and ate everything green
darkness descended so impenetrable
that it seemed like a burial
and the last plague must be a metaphor not a reality
for all the first born of the Egyptians were struck down
only then did Pharaoh agree to let the Hebrews leave
he chased them out of his land
with bread not yet risen, with sleep still in their eyes

remember, God says, to tell this story
to your children forever


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