Saturday, December 05, 2015

On Deciding How to Proceed

If and then, If I do this then, If I don't do this then what, I like black and white answers to simple questions, but complex questions require shades of gray which stand between white and move to deep black so that I can't be certain what to do when it comes to replying to a question which may be something that is time bound and requires an answer which can't be gray even though gray allows for uncertainty and movement between the different shades without settling down so when I am in a quandary or facing a decision without the help of tarot cards or a magic ball which advertises itself as having the ability to answer questions yes or no when that exactitude is required as in should I do this or should I beg off I sit in the middle undecided with no assurance that one decision is superior to the other as if the world is spinning and I can hold on to the edge of the globe or float in space waiting for an answer which won't come because the universe tells me that I must weigh the pos and cons and then take a plunge which isn't what Gideon did when he wanted a sign from God and then when he received an answer he challenged God again thinking that two answers are better than one and when both answers agreed he proceeded-- now if that worked back then why not now so with that in mind I am spraying my philodendron with water and if the leaves are still wet in the morning then the answer is yes, but I expect I may then have to argue about that not being the best outcome and if the leaves are dry I imagine arguing that outcome is expected, so how was it a fair test

7 th  Day of Advent


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