Friday, December 04, 2015

lIfe doesn't hand OuT rOad mAps

                TheRe are  hAirpin tUrns
  WHiTe oUts, bLind sPots
BliNding lights

                  YOu got to KEep waLking
              PAss Go

I KNew SomEone aFflicted wIth eRased
Places wHere she OnCe thOught sHe
knEw wHAt weNt in tHat pLaCe

ONLy sHe foUnd hErSelf in an ArroYo
WiTh wAter raging, dragGing heR aLong

       I shouTed
            KEep walKing
The Lord gOnna keeP you drY
                The LOrd gOnna wAlk with You
                                You goNna wAlk riGht thRough that wAter

MIght not SeeM liKe it
JUsT hold oUt your hAnd

LOrd goNna holD yOur hand

6th Day of Advent


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