Thursday, November 12, 2015

You've Got to be Kidding

Red cups. Just simple red cups. No words. Nothing celebratory. Just a red cup. A chance to add your own words. You don't need a marker. The red cup acts like a metaphor. For some it conjures a decorated tree, for others it means a stop light. Stop. What is it you want to say on this red cup? What words do you want to use to celebrate? Secular. Religious. Your choice. Delightful, isn't it? You supple the message. The slate is clean and waiting.

Those who are chagrined by the lack of a message don't get it. A gift. A chance to think of what you want to say? Why fret over oft used phrases when you can envision your own words?

And for those folks who are ready to abandon the red cup coffee house for a another coffee house with a cup that has a ready minted and printed sentiment -- really?


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