Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What Will it Be

I love challenges. That is I love certain kinds of challenges. Nothing that will cause physical distress. Well a little push is fine-- like walking up eight long flights of stairs at a quick pace while carrying a tote bag laden with books is fine. And never hold on to the bannister. Maybe a challenge to do it twice in a row.

Eating marathons where contestants stuff oversized hot dogs or pizzas into chomping mouths or swallowing many legged insects or ordering barely deceased fish is not for me.

But if you challenge me to read fifty- two non- fiction books  and each one begins with a different letter of the alphabet or you lure me by suggesting a different Bible reading  plan or hint at my joining the Bible art journaling group where fifty-two prompts take you through the year-- I'm intrigued.

The later challenge requires a special Bible with two inch wide margins and tiny print. Thousands have jumped on the Bible journaling bandwagon and thousands are probably tut- tutting when envisioning well loved passages adorned with watercolor or glitter or stamped motifs. And some folks fill the entire page with color-- transparent hues so that the words may be deciphered.

I have several weeks to decide if I'm up to that challenge. Meanwhile I need to check out several journaling Bibles.


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