Saturday, November 28, 2015

It Starts Here

Yesterday a woman told me that she hunts pheasants and wild turkeys. She also makes stained glass plaques. We're all complex. We don't belong in predetermined boxes or catalogued and filed in manila folders.

We don't need to separate people into them and us. I read of increased hate-motivated homicides toward the transgendered community. As that community walks out of the closet more hate crimes are focused their way. Them and us mentality.

Does it make us feel superior when we relegate people into pigeon holes? Why do we assume that one role is superior to another role?

The New York Times listed a number of recent hate crimes. A man in Kansas was sentenced to death for an anti- Semitic rampage that took the lives of three people.

In October a "school attack in Sweden in which two people were killed" was ruled a hate crime. The perpetrator didn't like immigrants.

The list goes on and on and this list is comprised of individuals not of governments. How many people have been killed because we have the truth and you don't. Bang.

How do we stop these assaults? I don't know. But recently I read an article by an African American writer who said we can't say we are slightly biased, barely a racist, uncomfortable with certain fluid gender identifications. If we are a little bit we are part of the problem.


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