Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Set of Directions

1. First you wait for the flatbed truck
2. Then you watch them drag your Subaru with its dented fender, wheel bent inwards, and raspy sound onto the bed
3. Drive to the "emporium" of cars and sign a paper, " I promise to pay."
4. Ask the man with a shirt logo advertising the name of the auto body shop if it's bad
5. Won't really know until we pull it apart-- look at what's doing under the car
6. You'll probably have to get four tires. The insurance company only pays for part of one. Your car always has to have four with the same amount of tread or you'll kill your transmission.
7. To the police station to pick up three report forms. The police lady wears s heavy sweater. The station is cold.
8. To the insurance office. The agent gets another agent from Hanover on the line. I tell my story.
9. I write a poem telling my story.
10. I say to the universe--thank you


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