Saturday, October 03, 2015

The Beat Goes On

You can't expect perfection when you pack, especially if some items go into storage while others travel to your new location. 

Then there's a third pile which I dubbed junk or Good Will. Actually that makes four distinct piles. Errors happen, despite great care and meticulous organization. 

Perhaps the organization needs some tweaking. Today I discovered that a new pair of golf shoes had disappeared, vanished, evaporated.

The junk man came on Thursday and on Friday we made yet another trip to Goodwill. 

My investigative nature, as well as my reading of convoluted mysteries, prepared me to ascertain the answer to this conundrum. The golf shoes are gone. 

Perhaps the junk man's wife wears the same size. May she hit the ball long and straight. Or some woman walks into Good Will, buys the shoes,and embarks on a successful career on the LPGA  tour. May her wins be many.

Now that I'm viewing my magnanimous side the loss of the golf shoes feels less traumatic.  


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