Friday, October 09, 2015


A wide lined black and white marble notebook
       Two Ticonderoga pencils
       tucked into grooved slots
       of  a wood box
       a flexible red rubber eraser turned into
       a contortionist touching nose to toes

five year diary with a lock
       each entry begins dear diary
       ball point pens
       smudged words

hard covered notebooks with numbered pages
        a table of contents
        quotes from books
        lists of words
        trying out style and voice
        looking for a fit
        thin technical pen

three ring notebooks
        ten minute morning writings
        collections of books on writing
        writing prompts

Selectric typewriter
        white correction tape for typos
        Chicago Manual of Style
        tracking  submissions
        rejections Modge Podged
        on a metal waste basket

Apple computers
       File folders of poems, essays
       A daily blog
       stats list the number of readers

a Leuchtturm grey softcover notebook
     an intimate affair
     fountain pens with archival ink




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