Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Whenever I read Genesis I find myself wondering if Abraham ever thought to himself, "This is some wild journey and I really don't know where I'll end up."

Perhaps he lamented being privy to Sarah's anger, to Hagar taunting Sarah, to agreeing to make his son, Hagar's son, less than the son of Sarah.

Did he ever wonder about the psychological distress he caused Isaac when he bound him to the stone? Did he perceive himself as a puppet or as an obedient follower?

And when his mind wasn't taken with domestic issues did he wonder about the possibility of sandstorms or a ready supply of water?

And he's got chutzpah. Imagine bargaining with God because you disagree with how he plans to attend to a matter involving who lives and who dies.

Switch to now, 2015, and our political landscape. Is there a candidate who wonders about the path to the presidency, laments the dissension between all the ideologies, worries about how the average voter is confused because no one really talks issues, is concerned about the climate, checks to see if he's become a puppet for some group, worries about his ability to withstand the pressure of the party line? If so, please step forward.


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