Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Home Town

I'm watching the first game of the World Series and bemoaning the fact that my home town team is presently seated in front of a television watching instead of participating, but what do you expect when your record is at the bottom of the pile-- but it hasn't always been this way , no not at all since I can point to three World Series pennants after nearly a century of looking in on the grand stage --of  course speaking of pennants I grew up in the Bronx and my home team was the Yankees because they played in a stadium three subway stops away and my father usually  listened to the games on the radio or took me  to Yankee Stadium where we sat in the bleachers and rooted for those men in pin stripes while we ate sandwiches prepared by my mother who played Mai Jong with her friends while we sat in the sun and watched tiny men no bigger than my thumb run around the field trying to get home without being tagged just the way I  tried to avert being tagged when I played tag at school where everyone rooted for the Yankees although my best friend Ellen loved the Giants and my cousin rooted for the Brooklyn Dodgers but everyone left the city and now it's only the Mets or the Yankees left and now the Mets are in the World Series and I've reverted to rooting for a New York team.


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