Friday, September 11, 2015


Just when I thought that my journals were all read and either saved or discarded I unearthed a few more. This afternoon we carried all the books down from the loft and created piles in the dining room. I discovered more journals.

From Robert Pinsky, "The writer's dread of making another tombstone..." First, you need a publisher and then you print several hundred copies. Then you hit the trail-- bookstores, cafes, and you hope some folks buy your book before it hits the remainder pile.

As I read this journal I know it will not end up in the pile of discarded books. For it is in this journal that I wrote about a couple who celebrated their life by walking in the Gobi desert. She was 60 and he was 74. This was not an amble in the desert. They walked 1600 miles on foot in the summer.

Besides I love the soft cover and cream and white paper.


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