Friday, September 25, 2015

Belated NPD

I missed National Punctuation Day by one day. Yet, I don't want to miss celebrating; therefore, this post is a belated National Punctuation Day.

If you participated in the paragraph writing contest the rules tested your knowledge of grammar and punctuation. Write one paragraph, maximum three sentences, using thirteen punctuation marks.
Apostrophe Parenthesis
Brackets Period
Colon Question Mark
Comma Quotation Mark
Dash Semi-colon
Exclamation Mark

They did leave out the interrobang. That's a question mark and exclamation mark-- side by side.

I rather like the percontation or rhetorical question mark. That particular symbol, proposed by Henry Denham in 1580, as an end to a rhetorical question lasted less than a century.

And today we watch as adherents of the Serial Comma, known as the Oxford Comma, argue with the modernists who desire an end to the comma before and when listing three or more things or people.

Incidentally, the hashtag wasn't always called a hashtag. It's original name-- octothorpe


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