Thursday, August 27, 2015

Conversation I

I read the egg carton box
as if it portends the future
Cage free, that's good, I think
Fed a vegetarian diet, no meal worms
or scraps of meat, I'm told yogurts a favorite
No artificial additives, no GMO

Standing a few feet away is a woman
absorbed in reading egg cartons
We read in unison until I say
These come from an Amish farm

It's a long way to send eggs she says
What's wrong with our local farms?
At least the eggs don't come from China
The jumbo eggs are no bigger than
large and the small are the size of peach pits
Do you like the plastic boxes? Another
thing that will outlast me. I'm
breaking down. I think it's all that GMO.

I bought the jumbo eggs.
She bought extra large.


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