Sunday, July 12, 2015

Space and Time

                  The Sabbath is the presence of God
                   in the world, open to the souls of men.
                        -- Abraham Joshua Heshel

 the minister reminded us,
 keeping the Sabbath isn't a suggestion,
a take it or leave it item
God's really set on this road to the sacred,
a blueprint for the day written in invisible ink
ready for you to pen in what holds you in space
so that the scent of Sabbath is elusivel

what wraps around you
demanding time, stifling the fragrance
of Sabbath,  holding the sacred at bay

 I've been thinking about what holds me and takes its toll on my time. Every day I write a blog post, check my emails, do some Google research, and maybe read a few Facebook postings. On the Sabbath I continue this pattern.

So in keeping with a fast from something that consumes me in space, I'll refrain from the internet which includes writing a Sunday post. A day off. After a few weeks I'll examine whether anything is different. Heshel says, " The Sabbath is the day  in which we learn the art of surpassing civilization."


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