Thursday, July 23, 2015

Reading in Starbuck's Lot

sitting in the car with iced drinks reading on a hot day may sound odd, but if you park at the end of the Starbucks lot right next to a tree and open all the windows a breeze passes from one side of the car to the other creating a rather tent like feeling, an intimacy between readers even when you're reading different books, even disparate genres, and often conversations arise that bind the two books together melding their differences into philosophical forays which is what happened today when something in one of the books required a check in with Google, that arbiter of lost causes and truth and fact finding, and a response appeared immediately as if Google overheard the question that prompted Google's help and wished to be of prompt service with a list of possible resources, a reservoir of choices to answer a question which brought up a simple question of how all this happens so quickly and what do we know of the politics of this particular sleuth and what do we know of his/her less than stellar proclivities, and then how one always must question authority which immediately made me remember my Question Authority button in a bygone era when wearing the button or owning the t-shirt marked you as a revolutionary—for that moment


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