Thursday, July 09, 2015


Two years ago the neighbor who had a figurine of Mary in her front yard moved and Mary moved along with the family. Is that a request of the new family? Maybe their religious beliefs don't include Mary or maybe they think such outward signs are not in keeping with our secular society. That's not me talking, but an article I read about fewer people professing any sort of religious persuasion. Though you wouldn't know it when you listen to the politicians bending themselves in half attempting to lure the religious right.

Even without statues or icons or sanctuaries prayer continues to find followers. Now it isn't a guarantee, a money back return for words expanded without the desired outcome. Pious, or charlatans, both write  books and advise on how to devise the prayer that catches the ear of whoever you're seeking.

Some people pray the same prayer for years-- retreading words, changing the order of words, using a thesaurus to find a word that closes in on specificity like knowing the difference between saying yellow or ochre. It's like finding the right amulet and increasing your chances.

Who hasn't prayed for the mundane? And who hasn't prayed for the ultimate?

My friend prayed for parking spaces and when they didn't materialize she decided that someone else needed the space. Not getting the prayed for result didn't deter her.

God has a different sense of time and timing and sometimes no response is a response that you couldn't hear. I've been discussing the same thing with God for thirty years-- not every day and sometimes not for several months. I revisit my request and wait for some change.

Recently I think I've gotten, not a response, but a nod. Listen, I think, a nod is enough encouragement.


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