Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Ever lose something? Of course you have. Ever lose something in your house and know that it must be in clear sight, but you don’t see it? You remember where you were when the “thing” was in clear view, but then you fog out on what happened after a certain moment. This happened this afternoon. The case to my IPhone. No, I don’t mean a case that is semi-permanently attached like an umbilical cord. I mean a zippered case that the IPhone fits into. I know that is a redundant case and most people don’t approach the barista at Starbucks and unzip their flowered case and draw out their IPhone which they turn on and hold up to the ubiquitous machine that reads a bar code, charges their account , and hands out stars which can be accrued and a free drink earned as long as the collection is completed prior to August 4th. It's is that very same flowered case which is now among the missing and possibly lost. Despite years of reading mysteries, especially the closed door variety, I am stymied. Is St Anthony still a viable saint to call on?


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